Fourth River Solutions Newsletter 2.0

Well, dear readers, we are keeping our promise of continuing to update you about everything 4RS has been up to with yet another newsletter. And as the holiday season is upon us, we want to say just how thankful we are for our members past and present and all the great things they have achieved. Here are some of the highlights from the past few months:

4RS was able to complete a large number of external engagements and a few internal engagements since the last publication of our newsletter. We would like to thank our PMs for leading a total of 7 external projects to success.  Additionally, since beginning our partnership with the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG), we have been able to complete four additional projects through that partnership. We are also happy to announce that due to efforts of our members we were able to compile important resources about the application cycles and corporate culture of many major consulting firms across the nation. Lastly, we would like to thank those individuals who served as PMs during the training process that is essential to ensuring the success of our new members.

Speaking of new members, the past year brought in an unprecedented number of new applicants to 4RS, and we would like to congratulate all of them who managed to successfully make it through our rounds of Bootcamp. We had 23 members successfully join our ranks in the fall of 2016 and an additional 20 members join in the spring of 2017. Many of these members have gone on to work on our projects, lead projects, and even take over leadership positions in 4RS.

Not only are our members doing great work for 4RS, they are achieving great things outside of our organization. 4RS chaired the 4th Pitt Health Innovation Case Competition this past April, the focus this time being on gene editing. Several of our members rose to the occasion and went on to take home some pretty sweet prizes on the day of the event. We would also like to recognize our members who participated on teams that placed highly within Cohort 5 of Blast Furnace and the Michael G. Wells Competition in October.

You may have noticed a lot of changes have taken place on the 4RS website over the past year. We have worked hard to respond to your input and revamp the design overall in order to make it more user-friendly both for our clients and members, while maintaining a professional aesthetic. The website now features more information about our origins, our member base, the training that we offer, and the types of services we provide. We have also made it easier to get in touch with us and receive regular updates.

Our final tidbit of news from this past year is about the partnership that we have formed with the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse. The partnership provides not only a steady flow of engagements on which 4RS consultants can gain business experience, but also provides enhanced training in the form of seminars and workshops by expert PLSG staff. Thus far, this partnership has only been a success, providing us with multiple new projects and accolades from clients and PLSG executives alike. We are excited to see it continue into 2018 and beyond.

Inaugural Fourth River Solutions Newsletter

We are proud to present the Inaugural Fourth River Solutions Newsletter.

This will be the first of many future installments that keep our members and our followers in the loop as to our operations throughout the year. We are hoping these newsletters will help to highlight the accomplishments of our members, as well as to shed light on new opportunities for leadership and new partnerships. First, let's review what we accomplished this past fall.

Our group was able to complete three external and two internal engagements during the Fall Semester last year. During this time, some of our more senior members also worked to train 12 new consultants from the summer hiring cycle. Many of these new members have already come to be staffed on projects since that time. 

Additionally, our recruitment efforts in the fall were so successful that we had to split our newest recruits into two separate training sessions, the first of which finished at the end of December and the second finishing in February.

Speaking of training, eleven of our members who are interested in leadership within 4RS had the opportunity to attend an interactive workshop on client interactions in November. This workshop focused on how to handle difficult conversations with clients and how to interpret a client's needs.  While it was certainly challenging to try and broach these conversations, even in the hypothetical, our members walked away with more tools in their belts for future interactions with clients and their own PIs. 

Not only are our members doing great work with 4RS, they are achieving great things outside of our organization and contributing to the rich entrepreneurial environment that we are a part of. Our members have not only competed in but have achieved great success in the Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh), The Money Table, and Cohort 4 of Blast Furnace

So what can you expect to see from 4RS in 2017? 

  • More projects: We are currently working to set up a number of projects on which we can staff many of our eager new consultants. We are also hoping to make new partnerships within the city of Pittsburgh and continue to expand our reach and brand recognition. 

  • Website Updates: The addition of a newsletter page to our website is just one of the many changes you will see in upcoming months. We want to make our website more user-friendly for both our members, as well as potential clients. 

  • PHICC 2017: We are once again spearheading the planning of the Pitt Health Innovation Case Competition. This year's competition will take place on April 21st. Visit our PHICC 2017 tab for more information. 

  • Seminars and Workshops: We are also working to set up more seminars and workshops for our members related to career opportunities and professional development.