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We strive to serve our members, our clients, and everyone in between. 

In the news:

A local entrepreneur shares her experience with 4RS:

One of our clients had the brilliant idea to write a blog entry about her experience working with 4RS, and she had many wonderful things to say. Here is just one snippet.

"My experiences working with a consultant, especially as a solo founder were incredibly helpful in that they forced me to think versus relying on what I think I already know to be true. There was a lot of back-and-forth communication. We really worked together to fine tune both my needs and the desired outcome."

Read the full blog entry here.


4RS  on TechVibe Radio:

Redfining the PhD: Driving Change from the Bottom Up - TEDxUinversityofPittsburgh - Fourth River Solutions CEO, Saik Kia Goh helps us understand why graduate students can't find jobs right away and how we can change that for the future.